By Patrick Lienemann | 03/26/2019
In Pat's debut article for QS, he discusses the broad differences between short- and long-term specs, how to identify trends before spikes, and closes with a few predictions.
By Christopher O'Berry | 03/06/2019
With several high-profile Legacy events on the horizon, Christopher is looking to format staples for growth. He lays out his reasoning and the current best targets.
By Brian DeMars | 09/25/2018
Modern has "Old Money" cards that have been worth a lot for a long time. What kind of "New Money" cards have similar futures?
By Brian DeMars | 09/18/2018
Assassin's Trophy is poised to be a tournament staple in multiple formats, including Modern. What cards and strategies does it make better in the format? Brian's got the info.
By Brian DeMars | 09/05/2018
We know a little about Guilds and a lot about what cards will still be in Standard. How is Brian proposing we use that knowledge to our advantage?

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