By Adam Cohen | 01/04/2022
QS is excited to welcome Adam Cohen to the team. This week he shares his top 10 new cards introduced in 2021 and how they've impacted the Modern format.
By Paul Comeau | 12/10/2021
Watching his wife play poker helped Paul unpack problems with his mindset after a disappointing finish at the Store Championships. What did he learn?
By Mauro Acerenza | 10/27/2021
Is Burn still competitive in the new world of Modern? Mauro attempts to answer that question with a recap of his recent Magic Online experiences.
By Sam Lowe | 03/11/2020
Sam's back from his hiatus to analyze the post-ban landscape! Find out what he's been up to, and where he finds himself in the current Magic market.
By Sam Lowe | 11/13/2019
Sam is battling every day to get up-to-date Pioneer info, with one goal in mind: The Invitational Trophy!
By Sam Lowe | 10/25/2019
In Part Two of his SCG Indi recap, Sam wraps up Modern lessons from both SCG Indi and Regionals and explores Eldraine Collector's Boosters.
By Sam Lowe | 10/15/2019
SCG Indi was an important week both for Sam and for Magic at large. Check in with Sam here to find out what he learned over the weekend and what lies ahead.

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