By David Ernenwein | 12/29/2021
David's back with his annual Modern ban watch list. What was banned in 2021? The format now appears healthy, but what is on his radar for the future?
By David Ernenwein | 12/22/2021
Modern changed significantly in 2021. David looks at the state of the format with his eyes on what might be in store for Modern in 2022.
By David Ernenwein | 12/15/2021
Banning problem cards helps build healthy metagames. For this, Modern is no exception. Today David examines a different approach: unbanning.
By David Ernenwein | 10/20/2021
Is Lurrus of the Dream-Den the most broken card in Modern right now? David examines the effect this companion has on the modern metagame. Is it banworthy?
By David Ernenwein | 10/13/2021
How do you measure the health of a metagame? Is the Modern metagame healthy right now? David attempts to unpack these questions, and what their answers mean.

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