By Paul Comeau | 06/16/2021
With all the hype from Modern Horizons 2 spoilers, you’re excited to dive into the Modern format for the first time. So where do you begin? Understanding what makes Modern tick as a format, apart from the obvious of what cards are legal, is the best place to start.
By Sigmund Ausfresser | 05/31/2021
Glancing at pre-order prices, Sig noticed Modern Horizons 2 is coming out of the gate on the expensive side. This week, he makes some comparisons to the first Modern Horizons to create his prognosis for prices for the set's singles.
By Sigmund Ausfresser | 04/05/2021
Players, Vendors, and WOTC are all anxiously awaiting the time for MagicFests to resume. What will happen to the market once this happens? This week, Sig speculates on the format that stands to gain the most from the re-opening trade.
By Sigmund Ausfresser | 06/29/2020
With COVID-19 halting paper events, vendors need to find alternate ways of restocking cards. Star City Games and ChannelFireball have been touting their buylist pretty hard lately. But can their prices compete with Card Kingdom and ABUGames? This week Sig investigates!
By Sigmund Ausfresser | 06/08/2020
Recently, Sig tried his luck on some Modern Horizons boosters. The set is filled with value and opportunity, right? Apparently not. After doing research, Sig was shocked at how bad the odds really were. Exactly WHAT is worth opening from that set?
By Kyle Rusciano | 02/11/2020
Kyle goes through Theros Beyond Death's setlist and shows us what cards we'll want to target for the upcoming metagame and MTGO Redemption season.
By Kyle Rusciano | 01/23/2020
It's a new year, and that calls for an MTGO market check-in! Kyle examines the MTGO Modern market in a post-Mox Opal world, and what cards you'll want to keep your eye on in Modern's lull period.
By Sigmund Ausfresser | 12/30/2019
At the start of 2019, Sig made three predictions for what the year may bring in MTG finance. Twelve months later, he reflects back on these predictions. The results may surprise you; with greater respect for the unknown, Sig looks ahead to 2020.
By Sam Lowe | 11/13/2019
Sam is battling every day to get up-to-date Pioneer info, with one goal in mind: The Invitational Trophy!
By Sigmund Ausfresser | 11/04/2019
Pioneer has been a boon for vendors and speculators alike. It has refreshed demand in Magic finance, catalyzing buyouts left and right. This has been at Modern's expense, however. This week Sig examines one unloved Modern set to see if there are any interesting opportunities there.

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