By Sigmund Ausfresser | 04/04/2022
Sig shares three tips when considering speculation on the new OP announcement.
By David Ernenwein | 03/22/2022
With Lurrus gone, Grixis slipping, and permission everywhere, is it really time to play combo? David thinks so, highlighting a Storm win and reassuring Belcher.
By David Ernenwein | 03/15/2022
Ding Dong, the Cat is gone—and with it, nagging pressure to conform to companion Modern. David dissects post-ban shakeups and foresees the format's future.
By David Ernenwein | 03/08/2022
David's got plenty of data for this year's February metagame update. Spoiler: Hammer and Shadow reign supreme!
By David Ernenwein | 03/01/2022
David sees real potential in Tameshi, Reality Architect, and tries breaking the Wizard for Modern in a plethora of combo and value shells.
By David Ernenwein | 02/22/2022
Ross Meriam thinks Indomitable Creativity is underrated. David disagrees, asking whether Modern "Tinker" decks can only find success by crossing over to ramp?
By Jordan Boisvert | 02/21/2022
Lightning Bolt has been replaced as Modern's most-played card... by a bullet! Jordan explains why while exploring the applications of Modern's best bullets.
By Adam Cohen | 02/08/2022
Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty has been fully revealed! Adam dives in and discusses which decks received the best new set of cybernetic enhancements.
By David Ernenwein | 02/08/2022
New year, who this? January 2022 heralds the end of Hammer Time's iron reign, the diversification of Omnath piles, and the rise of a nostalgic old favorite.
By Jordan Boisvert | 02/04/2022
Boseiju will rock Modern. But what's its dream home? Jordan's promising new frankendeck recruits an unlikely artifact that may outmode longtime Modern staples.

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