By David Ernenwein | 01/12/2022
David closes the books on 2021 with a full-on year-end metagame report. Best performers? Biggest disappointments? Place your bets and see!
By Adam Cohen | 01/11/2022
Adam takes a walk down memory lane and lists his top 10 honorable mentions for cards new to Modern from 2021.
By David Ernenwein | 01/05/2022
David's back with his monthly Modern metagame update. What are the decks to beat? What should you bring to your next event? Read on to find out.
By Adam Cohen | 01/04/2022
QS is excited to welcome Adam Cohen to the team. This week he shares his top 10 new cards introduced in 2021 and how they've impacted the Modern format.
By David Ernenwein | 12/29/2021
David's back with his annual Modern ban watch list. What was banned in 2021? The format now appears healthy, but what is on his radar for the future?
By David Ernenwein | 12/22/2021
Modern changed significantly in 2021. David looks at the state of the format with his eyes on what might be in store for Modern in 2022.
By David Ernenwein | 12/15/2021
Banning problem cards helps build healthy metagames. For this, Modern is no exception. Today David examines a different approach: unbanning.
By Paul Comeau | 12/10/2021
Watching his wife play poker helped Paul unpack problems with his mindset after a disappointing finish at the Store Championships. What did he learn?
By David Ernenwein | 12/08/2021
David has much to report on the metagame from his local game store's Store Championship event. How can this knowledge prepare you for your next Modern event?
By David Ernenwein | 12/02/2021
This month's metagame report is mostly unchanged from last month but includes a new topmost performing deck. What is it? David has the details.

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