By Jordan Boisvert | 06/08/2023
Modern's top creatures have outgrown removal. Stern Scolding could change format interaction forever. See how the counterspell lines up against the competition.
By David Ernenwein | 06/07/2023
The Modern Metagame Update is out. Modern continues to be stable, despite efforts of rogue decks to make a mark. Some unexpected decks did well in May.
By David Ernenwein | 05/31/2023
Aiming to revitalize Standard, Wizards has changed when bannings can occur. But the new system carries grave implications for larger formats.
By David Ernenwein | 05/17/2023
Potentially broken new cards are usually safe bets to see play. Venerated Rotpriest seems like an exception, but David E. isn't blaming the card itself.
By David Ernenwein | 05/05/2023
April's Modern metagame data is deceptive. The tale that the numbers suggest isn't the story that actually happened. David E has the explanation inside.
By David Ernenwein | 05/03/2023
April's Modern Metagame Update shows the top decks settling in while innovation and change rock the lower tiers. And Murktide has a surprise for us, too!
By David Ernenwein | 04/26/2023
What is the best deck in Modern? There are many possible answers, but David E. has the data-driven case for Murktide being the best deck in Modern today.
By David Ernenwein | 04/19/2023
March of the Machine may have seemed underwhelming during spoiler season, but David E. has found had surprising luck testing cards in Modern... even a battle!
By David Ernenwein | 04/12/2023
March of the Machine on the horizon, and Constructed formats are in for a reckoning. Or are they? David E. assesses battles and the set's standout cards.
By David Ernenwein | 04/07/2023
While the data is clear, the reasons behind Modern's metagame trends remains elusive. David E. has a finger on the deck driving the changes, and how to respond.

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