By Anthony Willier | 07/01/2022
Tony chats with Johnny, a long-time Modern enthusiast. Johnny shares his experiences with Magic and what playing the game means to him.
By David Ernenwein | 06/28/2022
In the final part of his summer testing series, David's playing aspiringspike's Shreddervine list, and a new take on his favorite archetype, Mono-Blue tempo!
By Jordan Boisvert | 06/22/2022
In this long-awaited sequel, Jordan releases his Counter-Cat list, exploring its draw and removal suites while demystifying the manabase and sideboard.
By Adam Cohen | 06/21/2022
The tales of Grixis Shadow's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Modern's favorite self-flagellating deck is back... and coming for your ledgers!
By David Ernenwein | 06/21/2022
David E. continues his series on fringe Modern decks, getting in some reps with Wishshift and Showdown of the Skalds. Do they have what it takes?
By Jordan Boisvert | 06/17/2022
Jordan unpacks the last couple years of brewing Counter-Cat, exploring how his process has changed with the shifting format and tapping the many goodies of MH2.
By David Ernenwein | 06/14/2022
This month David is digging into the data and highlighting fringe decks that appear. This week he looks at a new take on the Glimpse of Tomorrow deck.
By David Ernenwein | 06/10/2022
David E. unpacks the latest metagame report, suggesting UR Murktide may be on borrowed time and pegging a few older Modern strategies as ripe for speculation.
By David Ernenwein | 06/07/2022
Modern is finally settling down, but not so peacefully; as the smoke clears, a potential Tier 0 contender seems to be raising its head!
By David Ernenwein | 05/31/2022
David E. runs through his hits and misses from spoiler season, exploring how Modern has shifted to accommodate the new SNC cards.

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